We are the Fifty Percent



We are the Fifty Percent

As a design student, I created a poster campaign that focused on feminism’s relationship to history. I came up with the initial idea when I tried to brainstorm a list of female scientists. I could only think of two—Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie. When I tried to brainstorm a list of male scientists I could name a dozen with ease. It clearly highlighted a problem that women were not given credit for their achievements throughout history (even after accounting for the fact that women were not permitted in certain professions until the 20th century). It was incredibly difficult to find female role models who were recognized for their achievements in male-dominated occupations (and even more difficult to find women of color).

I chose to create three groups of six posters; one group for women warriors, another for women who were scientists, and a third for women who explored the world. Each group exhibits a different type of power (power over their own body, power over the mind, and power over nature).


Note: When checking the population of women on Earth I was anticipating that the percentage would be 51%. I had always heard that there were slightly more women than men. However, due to higher rates of infanticide for female babies, the percentage of women on Earth is now closer to 50%.