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Etsy: Promoted Offers

For context, after a design org reorganization, leadership kept repeating the statement "we need to integrate brand and product teams" without specific guidance on how to get there. I took the initiative to lead the dovetailing of these two teams through this project, as an experiment. There were a lot of opinions, technical constraints, and feelings of uncertainty along the way, but when looking at the before compared to the after, I'd call it a success. I went through the user flows and focused on the visual design of the product with a product designer as my collaborator.

 I was given this file by a product designer, and collaborated with her to re-work the design. The first expectation was that my only role would be to fill the pink space with an asset that would link to the marketing campaign. 

Artboard 1 Copy 14.png

One look at this mockup and I knew there was a lot more work to do. This doesn't strike me as an easy, fun product to use. It's not scannable and there's a lot of text to read before you can continue to the next step. Jump cut to a few weeks later and this is the final result. 

Artboard 1 Copy 15.png

In the end, it's one less click and the iconography I made ties into the accompanying marketing campaign I also directed and designed. The type has a clearer hierarchy and the whole page feels more like the way Etsy would do a sales and coupons tool. In just a glance, an Etsy Seller can choose what type of offer they want to set up for their customers.