If you want to know what it's like to work with me, here are a bunch of quotes from colleagues.


Becca gets it done. Her work with Social Media Center was amazing and fast. It's been great seeing her evolve her work and take on more responsibilities. Looking forward to when she starts tackling larger product-brand integrations.


Paul, Staff Product Designer


I hope Rebecca continues to grow as a design leader as she has been in the past year, taking on more responsibility through leading concepting work up-front and continuing to serve as the chief design lead for marketing and product partners on more projects.

Rebecca brings calm and surety to everything she does, and that is reflected in how partners (marketing and product) approach us, perceive us, and work with us. Her collected and focused working style is an excellent balance to some of the chaos...If there is work that I know just needs to get done or a partner that needs a sure, guiding hand, I turn to Rebecca to lead that work and not have to worry about checking up on whether it's being done well.


Ankur, Project Manager


To put it simply, your work is beautiful. That beauty comes from meticulousness, attention to detail, and just the right delightful twist...I know that collaborating with you means the designs produced will be carefully considered and crafted from start to finish.

You're eager to collaborate and will proactively seek out opportunities to work together, align on vision, and sort out constraints and timelines. When working with me, you've structured your approach and questions to guarantee that both you and I are on the same page, and have all the information we need to move forward.

The feedback you give in critiques is always thoughtful, considered, and user-needs oriented. When you make a point, it's salient, actionable, and provides a different perspective from what others in the room might already have said. I'd count your attention to detail and proactive approach to collaboration and working with stakeholders  as superpowers.


Angira, Product Designer


You are curious and always looking to learn more. It’s exciting that you want to learn more about product design, and you're great at asking questions when you don't understand something. I think that’s an incredibly valuable quality to have.

You’re a positive person who brings great ideas to the table. I always enjoy hearing what you have to say. Working with you is so easy because you give great feedback that feels actionable, and I can trust that you'll deliver high-quality work on time.


Catt, Senior Product Designer


A pleasure to work with, Becca's presence at this company makes me glad I work here.


Jed, Product Copywriter


Rebecca is an excellent project leader. When we worked on a project together recently, she was eager to assist me and answer all of my questions to ensure that the project was a success for all parties involved...She accepted my feedback and requests gracefully and swiftly delivered on the changes. Working with her on the project was a stellar experience!

Rebecca exhibits a positive attitude and approachable energy. She's flexible and happy to answer questions from other teams. It's clear that she takes special care to ensure all stakeholders are up-to-date and involved in the design process.


Tess, Staff Editor


I find Becca’s calm and collected demeanor creates a comfortable and welcoming environment to collaborate in. I had a great experience working with her with the social tool backgrounds. She was timely, organized, and thoughtful. Throughout the process, I learned she was a clear communicator and easy to work with and bounce ideas off of. She made time for me quickly when we were in a time crunch, which I very much appreciated.


Radhika, Senior Product Designer


Becca is super talented/understanding. When I need something detailed and creative but I don't know how to describe what I need, Rebecca has taken my mixed messaged notes and turned something in that is even better than what I thought I wanted.


Perla, Events Marketing Manager